Yoon Hyeon-suk

Yoon Suk-yeol President Lee, a former election, was awarded the Prime Minister of the Prime Minister of the State Prime Minister.

Yoon Seok-yeol, a former chairperson, a press conference, and announced a prime minister’s recipient.

“The new government has shall be awarded the core of the state,” which is recognized for its skills and expertise, regardless of whether it is regardless of whether it is recognized as a. “Economic Security Age”, which has become one, said, “he said.

Former prosecutor general Yoon Seok-yeol elected S. Korea's new president

“The Candidate of Hanok-soo, is based on a rich experience in the public, and I think it is a good idea to carry out the civil angle and perform the national challenge.”

One prime minister is considered to be from an authentic elite economy bureaucracy. He will return to the prime minister after 14 years since 2008. He is the most eye-catching part of the person who was medium to the junior campaign.

He passed the administrative notice of the 8th Administrative Notice in 1970, and has passed the Economic Economic Economics in the US Harvard University.

He started a bureaucracy at the Economic Planning Agency, and the Kim Young-sam, and the Ministry of Industry and Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Ministry of Industry and Ministry of Industrial and Engineering, Kim Dae-jung,

One candidate also served as the Secretary of State Adjustment and the Ministry of State and the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Economy. He led the Korea-US Freedom Muno Research Agreement (FTA), and was named at the Last State Prime Minister of the Roh Moo-hyun in 2007. He took the week for three years in the Lee Myung Bak administration.

After the Lord Meterausa, he served as a Korean Trade Association and Climate Change Center.

“Immediately after the nomination,” The economy and geopolitical conditions are very large, and they have a very large burden of the Prime Minister, and feel very heavy and great responsibility. “

Then, “The difficulty giving us in the process of rolling into one of the economies and security, and the difficulty giving us to the globalization, openness, and market economy is to make a somewhat change.” I have to do not miss the time, “he said.

“In the end, we have suggested the need to enhance the national efforts for national diplomatic diplomacy and strong countries.”