Pokemon: Karmesin & Purpur – 6 things that want fans

Pokémon Karmesin & Purpur should appear 2022. After Legenden in January: Arceus appeared, fans have such some suggestions for Game Freak. A comment.

Pokémon has to evolve

It is a discussion that is led with each new Pokémon game: what – no, what should – finally make the series better? At the following three points, the Pokémon games could still screw so that Karmesin & Purpur get really good games.

Macht nicht diesen FEHLER bei den STARTER POKEMON in Karmesin und Purpur!

Beautiful graphic

It’s a greater topic, but not even so unimportant. Legends: Arceus does not look nice. And it does not work fluently.

Also Pokémon Karmesin and Purple, the games of the ninth generation, should set as Arceus on an Open World. So remains only to hope that Game Freak puts more in the main game again.

So far, this looks very pretty. Let’s hope for the best.

_En trailer for the ninth generation you can lead you again here again: _

Interesting action

Legends: Arceus shows that Game Freak does not query topics such as religion to cut and display the dangers in dealing with Pokémon.

Unfortunately, the story is completely nonsensical and irrelevant. Yes, there are cool characters and nice plot twists, so predictable they may be. Even the productions are rousing.

(Attention, spoiler!)

Aber the plot in legends: Arceus is just as imperative as the missing end of the game. The God-Pokémon Arceus sends you in the past, with the task to catch all the Pokémon of the region. If you do that, you can also catch Arceus. End. That should be the big final of your journey. Wow.

(spoiler end)

Here, too, Game Freak is making the same mistake as in many other games of the series. An interesting world full of curious monsters is built. Funny and sometimes surprisingly deep characters are presented. And then simply nothing made of it.

There is no good excuse that Pokémon is primarily aimed at children. If you look at Pixar stripes or Ghibli movies like Chihiros journey into the magic, it quickly becomes clear: media that focus on children or families can also tell good stories!

Customizable difficulty level

It is certainly difficult to get the balancing in a role-playing game so that it is neither frustrated nor bored. ** For Pokémon is one of the largest video game rows of all time, but it is very strange that the games just never right get on the series.

In the main way it quickly becomes so easy that you simply defeat the Pokémon of the Arenal Manager with a blow. And finally, suddenly an opponent who lets you bite for days into the grass because you suddenly be too weak.

Legend: Arceus goes a completely different way and whistles just felt which Level your Pokémon. Because especially at the beginning make yourself Pokémon Platt, the ten levels are among you.

There must be a middle ground. The first step in the right direction would of course be an optional EP divider, which fans wish for years. Or just the possibility to adjust the difficulty in the menu.

Fast catching Pokémon

Legends: Arceus has hit a nerve with the easy catching of the Pokémon. Easy to strike, goals and hope for the best. That fans do not want to miss this feature in Karmesin & Purpur is obvious. Imagine, how much time will spare a bit, not to start a fight every time.

A really open world

Game Freak has already announced it: Pokémon Karmesin & Purple will be an open World game. It would be interesting if players can explore this open world as well as to their heart’s mood and also the arenal ladder in a self-elected order can visit. Run without a hose-like ways and a linear from A to B.

Many new Pokémon

Let’s hope that Game Freak can come up with many creative designs for the new monsters. A new development of Evoli would be overdue, for example. And generally should it be more new monsters than in sword and shield. There were only 81 new and 13 regional forms. At least 100 new monsters would be nice.

Assessment of the author
Maybe it’s something naive, but I hope that Game Freak learns from the criticism of the community. With Pokémon legends: Arceus has ever proven the company’s courage to change. Now only has to be ground in the mentioned criticisms, so that Karmesin and purple becomes good.

But see what Game Freak from the next games.
After all, the company had first of last year explained that the vision of the developers often simply does not fit the wishes of the players: