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Horizon Forbidden West: Update 1.09 with over 30 improvements

For Horizon Forbidden West the Update 1.09 is available for download. In a current reddit thread Guerrilla Games introduces the patch Notes – and thus the list of changes and innovations. Improvements in the graphic: The Changelog calls optimizations regarding the sharpness in the current action role-playing game for PS5 and PS4. In addition there are bugfixes for individual main quests. In “the dying land”, for example, it should no longer happen that machines stick behind an energy seventh.

Patch with more than 30 bugfixes

In “the broken sky” in turn it could happen that Aloy could hang at an “invisible collision”. Dekka, on the other hand, should no longer be behind the throne after the update 1.09 and thus prevent an interaction. Error in individual side quests also starts the new update for Horizon Forbidden West. In addition, the Black Boxes should now cancel as provided. The patch of error corrections for crash causes, reducers of charging screens and the resolving of individual localization problems is rounded off.

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The full patch Notes for Horizon Forbidden West Update 1.09 can be found on Reddit under this link. In our big test for the current action role-playing game you will learn many more details. Who needs tricks, look past our tips area: For example, you will learn how your machines bridges and climbs long-neck.

From David Martin
31.03.2022 at 08:59