Fortnite loses his most important feature after 5 years and wins my heart

Fortnite, das spielen doch nur kleine Kiddies, die im Voice Chat auf dicke Hose machen, während sie wild irgendwelche Wände und Treppen in die Landschaft werfen. Or?

This prejudice sparked me since the release of the colorful Battle Royale game in the head, which is why I have not only made a big one, but a huge arc. It was clear to me that I did not do the game with it, but I never had the motivation to convince me of the opposite.

But after EPIC has completely painted the feature in Fortnite not only by testing, but (optional) completely, but that changed fundamentally. With the permanent zero build mode (which a simple, but the cropped name) I finally dared and has been positively surprised.

Annika Bavendiek

In Multiplayer-Shootern, insbesondere Battle Royale-Spielen, tummelt sich Annika eher weniger. Die eine oder andere Partie CoD Warzone macht ihr zwar auch Spaß, aber da muss sie auch nicht nebenbei ganze Buden hochziehen wie bei Fortnite. Das war bislang auh der wichtigste Grund, warum Annika dem Battle Royale-Shooter nichts abgewinnen konnte.

Fortnite musste erst den Bau-Zwang verlieren, um mich zu gewinnen

It’s a bit absurd, because actually lies to build in the blood. Und damit meine ich nicht nur meine Vorliebe für Aufbauspiele wie Die Sims 4, Cities: Skylines und Rimworld, sondern auch im echten Leben. I have become great for construction sites and was craftsmanship always fine. But pull up in fornite walls and stairs? Without me!

Whether Fortnite is now overrun by small children or not, let it go. Alone the fact that I collect raw materials and thus have to pull up fling walls and more, to have a chance to have an opportunity at all. In addition, I treasise realism in such ways to some degree.

I do not mean the graphics, but the partly curious buildings that spells some players in seconds on the screen. I prefer something else. Even if I have playful disadvantages of it, I rather build realistic.

Gut fünf Jahre später hat Fortnite uns nun aber vom Bauzwang befreit. Damit war für mich der Weg frei, mich alleine mit meinem Können an der Waffe zu beweisen. Find the right loot, go in cover, a little bit – more I do not want. And also beyond, I was positively surprised: the game is pleasantly fluent, the world is really readable despite strong colors and of annoying kidds was missing in my played lots every trace.

Fortnite without building may be funny at first moment, but the trailer shows that it is different:

Den letzten Zentimeter schubste mich dann noch ein anderer Aspekt in die Fortnite-Welt: Die Spendenaktion von Fortnite und Microsoft, bei der alle Einnahmen zwischen dem 20. März und 3. April an die Ukraine gespendet werden. So I do not even have a stomach pain, exceptionally some money in Ingame purchases. A win-win situation for all involved.

Solltet ihr euch hier wiedererkennen, dann lasst euch gesagt sein: Gebt Fortnite mit dem Null Bauen-Modus eine Chance. At least I have not regretted it, but instead found a great new opportunity to put me virtually with friends into the fight – without botherless and so far unbeaten.