Where to find a broken handle in Core Keeper

In this guide, we will tell you in detail about where to find Broken Handle in Core Keeper. We will spend you to the common place of falling a broken handle and where it falls from.

Where to find a broken handle in Core Keeper

The broken handle gives you 101-123 damage in the melee, 2.5 attacks per second, +31 to the maximum health and 350 strength.

Thus, it is useful to increase your damage in the near battle and health opportunities. In addition, it can be used to manufacture the legendary runic song.

The broken handle can be found in forgotten ruins. Having achieved this place, you will find a set of treasure pots that can be destroyed. Players need to split these pots with treasures to find a broken handle in one of the pots.

Since the keeper of the nucleus is generated procedurally, and the loss may be random, the broken handle may fall out of different pots in the forgotten ruins.

Just get to the forgotten ruins, scatter the pots with treasures and clear your way, defeating enemies moving around to get to the pots with treasures.

Core Keeper - Broken Handle drop location

Just wander around this place and continue to break the treasure pots one by one to find this useful object for crafting inside one of these pots.