PlayStation Cemetery: This happens with your desulent consoles

Do you have asked you what happens to your discarded game consoles? In any case, you do not land in the console sky. If you do not end in the retro collection of a fan, it extends a much worse destiny – as the following pictures prove.

ps2, ps3 and ps4 – burst on the “cemetery”

On the online auction side Goodwill, there are sometimes curious things to bid. How about a palette of discarded PlayStation consoles ? In the pictures divided on the shop page you can see a pile of old PS2 ps3 and PS4 copies that already have their best days behind:

Whether these are still working? Who knows. For nostalgics, hobbyists or scrap collectors, this mountain of consoles may probably be of interest . Maybe one also makes a small fortune if these home consoles should still work despite their coarse storage.

For a nice start range of $ 850 , the nearly 450 kilograms of PlayStation bodies can be bought.

The famous-notorious cable box

Everyone knows them: the cable box. Or alternatively also cable drawer. Besides the mountain of PlayStation models, Goodwill still has this dream on offer:

Of course, it remains not only with a cable wire. For a slack start range of $ 650 In a proud weight of 316 kilograms you can also get some old controller of all available video game consoles. Nintendo 64, Xbox, PS4, steering wheels – Again, a wide range is offered. And maybe true treasures under all the chaos are hiding. Many input devices of past gaming consoles have already become rarity, very special special editions in any case.

For those who are looking for a non-dusty PlayStation model, we recommend a look at our practical overview to the current generation. We show you where you can order the PS5 best.


How well do you know with the Sony consoles?

Playstation consoles for kilo price – a crazy world. What do you think about the sight of the console cemetery?