Jimmy Garoppolo: The San Francisco 49ers need patience

The new NFL year started on March 16 and what not many thought has occurred: Garoppolo is still under contract with the San Francisco 49ers. Although (or maybe because) the quarterback carousel of the NFL in the Free Agency ride picked up as rarely before, the 49ers have not yet found a customer for the 30-year-old, whose press conference had had a significant journey character at the end of last season.

And around the NFL Combine at the beginning of March, talks with possible prospects accepted the anniversary. The news that Garoppolo had to be operated on the right shoulder due to a violation suffered in the divisional game in Dallas, but the 49ers then caught cold. And demolished potential customers as Lynch and Head Coach Kyle Shanahan again emphasized on the edge of the annual meeting of the league in Florida. Thus, among other things, it was reported by the Indianapolis Colt, which otherwise reinforced with Matt Ryan.

“We tried to make a move and get a few draft picks – and were pretty close. But the procedure has changed things,” Shanahan said. The risk of troad for a quarterback that would miss much of the preparation did not want to take a team.

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And now? Actually, it seemed minded that Trey Lance should take over as a starter for the new season. The raw diamond from the North Dakota State University, for whose services the Niners had invested a lot in front of the draft 2021, matured in his rookie season (as planned) behind Garoppolo, gained experience, gathered with Shanahan’s game system. One is enthusiastic about the progress that Lance has already made, the leaders of the 49ers emphasize again and again.

Good quarterbacks are really hard to find. Some teams have none at all.

Kyle Shanahan

And Shanahan pointed several times on Tuesday that nothing has changed at the original plan. “That’s why we looked, if we can trade Jimmy because we think that Trey can be the starter. We are ready to do that,” said the Niners Mastermind. But: “We will not just get rid of Jimmy to get rid of him.” The team must then be able to improve otherwise (talk through draft picks as a countervalue). “Good quarterbacks are really hard to find. Some teams have none at all,” said Shanahan, but explained, Lance will be “rather sooner than later” the starter.

Are there any doubt that Lance is ready for the job as a starter?

In spite of all assessments, perhaps still doubt whether the 21-year-old is ready for the job as a starter? In the so-called Otas and the MiniCamp, Lance can prove himself in May and June, as “Jimmy G” is definitely missing because of the shoulder surgery. And then? Do the 49ers possibly go again with him and GAROPPOLO in the season? Is there an open fight for the post as a starter? This will continue to be quite unlikely – especially as backup quarterback Nate Budfeld has been equipped with a two-million-dollar contract – but is not completely excluded.

John Lynch doesn’t see San Francisco 49ers cutting Jimmy Garoppolo | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

The futures is now – or not yet? Trey Lance. imago images / icon smi

First of all, patience is in demand. Because a trade market for the (still injured) Garoppolo does not currently exist. And “Cutten,” says they dismissed without notice, one will not be the quarterback. “I do not see that,” said Niners-Gm Lynch, which he had to tell naturally so as not to powder any trough value: “It’s a too good player for that.”

The 49ers will not rush over – $ 27 million for a substitute QB?

So you will not overflake in San Francisco and first wait until GAROPFOLO is healthy, the draft has gone over the stage and changing the quarterback plans of other teams in the course of the offseason possibly. If necessary, the Niners Garoppolo will even take in training camp. The fact that the 49ers want to provide a replacement quarterback Garoppolo, the coming season (without restructuring) beats with just under $ 27 million salary on the Salary Cap, appears very unlikely. Especially since it will continue to stop the process to pass the team on Lance. Shanahan said, “You have to make sure that you do not hinder its development.” Of course, knowing the other teams, which are therefore also quiet.

In order to come under the Salary Cap, Garoppolos content in the Bay Area need not thanks to the restructuring of some other contracts, while the upcoming costly extensions with Wide Receiver Elebo Samuel and Defensive End Nick Bosa would certainly not be unavailable.

Although Lynch stressed, you can also start with Garoppolos current contract in the season. “We appreciate strength on this position,” he said. “To be honest: when we made a trade of this magnitude (the for the third pick in the draft 2021), most of our thought games did not include that Jimmy would still be in our books and in our team. After a series of events Has not worked a trade. But that does not have to be bad. We feel it as positive and will make it work. ” Best with Lance as a starter.