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Horizon Forbidden West: The best armor for ALOY

In Horizon Forbidden West there is not the best armor as in Horizon Zero Dawn, but the same six pieces on you – depending on what specialization you have decided. You will learn in this guide:

  • Which armor for which specialization is the best
  • Wherever you get

Did you have the game already platinated? If not, you should check in our trophy guide (guide) what you have to do to get all trophies and successes .

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All information about the best armor in Horizon Forbidden West

As already mentioned, all armor possess certain effects that deposit on the respective specializations . Anyone who likes to play aloy as a machine champion, for example, benefits from additional machine health or bonus “mounted archist”. Anyone who plays Aloy in Horizon Forbidden West as a hunter finds more concentration or endurance regeneration on the best armor.

In addition, you can improve every legendary outfit 5 times to unlock further skill or fabric sites. In addition, you can get the best armor for your favorite specialization relatively early in the game and do not have to wait until level 50. It depends much more on how successful you are in the arenaduals and collects the extra parts of lace shock wings or top-tide teeth. Nevertheless, make sure that it takes a while until you all have outfits together.

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For the warrior: Oseram factory master

  • Where is the armor? You have to complete the quest series “Kereufs components KG” completely. It covers several prey contracts and is not ready directly after the first missions.
  • Bonus skills:
    • +2 Volume
    • +1 Resonator charge
    • +1 Resonator damage
    • +1 courageous master
    • +1 Resonator bump (still unlock)
    • +1 energized duration (still unlock)
  • Fabric sites:
    • +2 Melee damage (still unlock)
    • +2 critical blow (still unlock)

For the trap stylist: Elite-Carja Birscherin

  • Where is the armor? You can buy the legendary armor at Dukkah at the Schlund der Arena. She costs 54 Arenamedals.
  • Bonus skills:
    • +2 drop limit
    • +1 fast trap player
    • +1 Smoke Bomb capacity
    • +1 flinke craftswoman
    • +1 inconspicuous (still unlocked)
    • +1 quiet movement (still unlocked)
  • Fabric sites:
    • +2 skilled plunder (still unlock)
    • +2 Robust trap player (still unlock)

for the hunter: Nora-Thunderbrieger

  • Where is the armor? You will also receive this armor for 54 arenamed alerts at Dukkah at the Schlund der Arena.
  • Bonus skills:
    • +2 concentration
    • +1 depth concentration
    • +1 Concentration regeneration
    • +1 endurance regeneration
    • +1 Tarn ranged (still unlock)
    • +1 heavy weapon (still unlock)
  • Fabric sites:
    • +2 weapon output (still unlock)
    • +2 courageous master (still unlock)

For the survivors: Tenakth-Bringerin

  • Where is the armor? goes to Dukkah at the Schlund der Arena and you will receive the legendary armor for 54 arenamed alerts.
  • Bonus skills:
    • +2 “Low Health” Nut
    • +1 “Low health” approach
    • +1 “Low health” defense
    • +1 FREE
    • +1 “Low health” remote removal (still unlock)
    • +1 courageous master (still unlock)
  • Fabric sites:
    • +2 second chance (still unlock)
    • +2 Volume Attack (still unlock)

For the intruder: Utaru-Winterwand

  • Where is the armor? The Utaru winter winter sells the closer to Dornmarsch. It costs you 2,000 metal shards, 1 bar tooth circulator and 1 lace horror heart.
  • Bonus skills:
    • +2 quiet movement
    • +1 quiet spear
    • +1 unobtrusive
    • +1 Smoke Bomb capacity
    • +1 quiet blow (still unlock)
    • +1 “Stiller blow” healing (still unlock)
  • Fabric sites:
    • +2 Tarn ranged (still unlock)
    • +2 “Stiller beat” strengthening (still unlock)

For the machine master: Tenakth tactician

  • Where is the armor? This legendary armor is also closer to Dornmarsch. It also costs 2,000 metal shards and moreover 1 thunder pine circulator and 1 lace-tailor-hearted heart.
  • Bonus skills:
    • +2 permanent bridging
    • +1 machine element
    • +1 machine health
    • +1 quiet movement
    • +1 mounted archer (still unlock)
    • +1 Beritten defense (still unlock)
  • Fabric sites:
    • +2 unobtrusive (still unlocked)
    • +2 Machine damage (still unlock)

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Horizon Forbidden West Best Armor & How To Get Them (Horizon Forbidden West Outfits)
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