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Santa Monica says that GOW: Ragnarok will arrive this year

After games like Horizon Forbidden West and gran Turismo 7, many wonder what are the launches that PlayStation has prepared for the second half of this year. Although at the moment there are no specific details, Sie Santa Monica says that God of War Ragnarok will arrive will be available this year .

Considering that the information related to God of War Ragnarok has been limited, many have pointed out that this title could well be delayed until 2023. In this way, Blueowlzmedic, Community Manager responsible for this game, has issued a fairly simple message, but where it makes it clear that this sequel will be available this year.

“God of War Ragnarök leaves this year.”

When Will We See God Of War Ragnarok Again?
Although Blueowlzmedic’s assertion could calm a couple of fans, many more are still asking when we will see a little more of this title. Recall that God of War Ragnarok was originally available at the end of 2021, but the game was delayed up to some point of this 2022. Since then, Sie Santa Monica has done everything possible to assure the audience that this is not Repeat.

Considering that this game could well arrive at the end of 2022 to PS4 and PS5 , it would still be a long time for PLAYSTATION and SIE Santa Monica share more information about it. On related issues, a series of God of War is already under development. Similarly, a MOD already allows you to play God of War to 8K and with Ray-Tracing.

Editor’s note:

God of War Ragnarok will come out when you have to leave. The standards in the PlayStation productions are always high, and this type of job can not be tested. The best thing you can do is enjoy the available offers, and enjoy this sequel when it is available in the future.