Room wants to play: fight against the factor time

It was at the end of February 2021, because Jean’s room felt that something did not agree. The blond button had just returned from Dusseldorf to the 1st FC Kaiserslautern, he should help as a leadership and identification figure to avoid the crash in the regional league.

But his blood levels were bad, he lacked the power. In the relegation battle, room set the club over and his body. As soon as the suspicion, his malaise could emanate from the intestine. Finally, in December 2021, rooms had to pull the ripper and leave in a hospital stationary. “Indispensable” was that, says the 28-year-old now, alone, to “reclaim life quality in everyday life”.

There is no king’s way of treatment

The examination results quickly made clarity: Rooms suffer from a chronic bowel disease that will accompany it for a lifetime. He must take medication, try to keep the frequency of the disease crushes as low as possible. That’s hard because there is no king’s way of treatment. Also in punctto diet is a lot based on the principle “attempt and error”. It gives “no perfect solution,” says room.

Professional port is possible

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After all, the blood levels are now in order. And the doctors have signals him: Professional port is possible. Room has been in training for almost three weeks, he already completes intensive individual units. “It’s my goal to collect a few minutes this season,” he says.

Due to the retreat of TurkGücü Munich and one for the FCK free 38th matchday he remains less time to realize this. The failure of the season finale has for rooms a bitter note: “One last game in front of your own fans is always something very special. That would certainly have become horny…”

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