[Review] Covered with 3D, C + and funny fun

Pink glutinous rice bowl with the first appeared in 1992. And I have kept a similar gameplay that I would like to change as much as the same as the same series. I was a pinball, I was an extra action. But the basic play that jumps, and sucking, and the copy capacity to copy the enemy skills is already close to the completion, and copying the enemy’s technology, and the copy capacity to be sucked is the following year,

As a series of this series, it is the same system that is the same system since 1993 ‘s story of a big dream’ s story of the star ‘ But that play was the love of the fans, and it is well made IP, and the personality of the game is a part of the game. So, if you know Kirby, the world’s change in this 3D will be quite achieved and a new attempt. The new new abilities that have been added here have also been able to experience the game more colorful.

However, the game makes the game to feel the existing things in a new form of gameplay. It’s not a word that simply brought the old things as it is, but to feel the feeling of the fans almost as it was. In fact, there is also a prerequisite for the game,

The 30th anniversary of the series. I want to focus on how Virbery’s Kirby Discovery has implemented a new 3D world, and I will focus on what I made a play with a novelty.

Game Name : Virbures in Star
Classic name : Action
Release date : 2022. 3. 25.


RRR Review By Punju Alias UnqGamer

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