“Kingdom Hearts” and “Tamagotchi” collaborate! “Kingdom Hearts Tamagotchi” released to foster Sora and Donald

The “ Kingdom Hearts series that celebrates the 20th anniversary of the release is collaborating with the development game “Tamagotchi”. A collaboration model “ Kingdom Hearts Tamagotchi ” on the theme of this series has been released.

Square Enix and Disney cooperated and have a global big hit series as RPG that can adventure Disney’s world. This collaboration model contains more than 20 characters such as “Sora” and “Donald” and “Goofy” to the character that can be fostered.

The game content is also packed with the elements unique to “Kingdom Hearts”, and “Paop’s fruit” and “Sea Salt Ice” will appear in the work, and mini-games are also “Meteo quarters” and “Pink Agaricus”. Prepare. Furthermore, I say that I can see the impressive scene during work every time.

“Kingdom Hearts Tamagotchi” starts a reservation acceptance at 11:00 on March 28 at the BANDAI Namco Group Official Mail Order Site “Premium Ban Dai”. The price is 2,530 yen (tax included), “20th Anniversary -dark Mode-” based on black and two colors of “20th Anniversary -light Mode-” based on white. It will be released in October 2022.

In addition, “ KINGDOM HEARTS TAMAGOTCHI Heartless vote ” which is determined by fans vote. The number of votes 1st and 2nd place can be fostered with “Kingdom Hearts Tamagotchi”. The voting period is from April 11 to 10:59. We are polling on the special page.