Amazon games loses studio boss

If many years of developer studios announced their farewell to their farewell, it will be happy to ensure grief or even worry that it could “go downhill” with a studio. For example, If Blizzard loses a talented lore author. But now it has become known that the boss from Amazon Game Studios resign (Via Bloomberg) – and the fewest will probably mourn. Because Mike Frazzini is in the best case unknown, in the worst case symbol for the problems of the developer studio. What did he “crave”?

Bumpy games releases with this Amazon gaming boss

For example, Amazon Game Studios (AGS) had signed the flops of Crucible and Breakaway with Frazzini as a studio boss. The former was brought to the beta again after release – and also discontinued from there. Breakaway should become a 4-counter-4 brawler whose development was set. Likewise, it has also resulted in a MMO around the Lord of the rings. The game Crucible was a flop and was simply set after another beta. Source: PC Games Only a game has seen the light of day and held relatively Wacker: New World, the MMORPG from Amazon Games. However, while even a million players looked to Aeternum at the same time, the peak numbers have arrived at 30,000. Here the developers remain on the ball; A roadmap for the year 2022 in New World promises exciting content. A great success is currently Lost Ark, but Amazon is only the Western distributor for this MMORPG from South Korea.

By the way, you get started in the successful MMORPG with a useful starting package for Lost Ark ** The Amazon game Breakaway was still populated before release. Source: Amazon Game Studios

Frazzini should have no idea of ​​game development

Amazon Games Just Lost Its Boss
According to a report by Bloomberg from 2021, however, Frazzini has probably simply neither idea of ​​still understanding for game development. According to insiders, the ex-boss had taken care of problems because he had underestimated the complexity of gaming development too much. He did not know that between high gloss concept footage and real gameplay worlds lie, while he wanted to create billions dollar franchises like Call of Duty – only with much more innovation. Setting the necessary developers or to listen to veterans and their proposals, he did not come to mind according to the insider report. In this respect, it is well possible that the Higher UPS pulls the tear and see that someone is better needed for the item. Who will be that, is currently unknown.

In this respect, some games fans (and editor Matthias) are now thinking that the AGS can hardly go worse. Rather, it is now possible that maybe a studio boss follows, who also knows how to develop games. Do you think that the situation will improve at Amazon games? Or do you see the problems elsewhere? Write us in the comments!

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