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Fortnite: EPIC plans to keep modes without construction

SeBattle Royaleon 2 of Fortnite Chapter 3 Barely hBattle Royale a few days active, but it hBattle Royale already given much to talk about, especially for its modes without construction . Ripping the curl further, in the Fortnite files there are indications that Epic Games plans to maintain the modes in which can not be built . Just below we tell you everything we know.

Fortnite: Epic Games plans to keep modes without construction

Diving between the Fortnite Battle Royale files after the 20.00 patch lBattle Royalet Sunday, March 20, we see that, in the lists of game modes, there are no construction variants for both Battle Royale standard and for Battle Royale tournaments :

  • Alone without construction

Fortnite Will KEEP No-Building In The Game! (Will NO BUILDING Stay In Fortnite?)
* Dupers without construction
* Threesomes without construction
* Squadrones without construction
* Solo tournament without construction
* Tournament of duos without construction
* Trio tournament without construction
* Squadron Tournament without construction

Battle Royale we comment, This hBattle Royale not been confirmed by Epic Games , but when the river sounds, water carries. With the apparently good host that is having this experiment of first days of seBattle Royaleon where you can not build, * why EPIC would disap any more work already done ** with these variants of the ClBattle Royalesical Fortnite game modes ?

We are not suggesting that the construction will disappear completely in Fortnite ; In any cBattle Royalee, These game modes would be left Battle Royale additional game modes to complement the clBattle Royalesic Battle Royale where you can build . This would be an intelligent way that it ralcomes every1. Important figures of the Fortnite community, such Battle Royale Streamer Thegrefg, think similar. A few days ago I tweeted “ Construction is what hBattle Royale done Special to Fortnite, but also what hBattle Royale done the most harm with the pBattle Royalesage of time “.

This is all we know with respect to Fortnite without construction modes. To know all the keys to the new seBattle Royaleon of the game, we recommend you take a look at our full guide, where we tell you, among other things, how to complete all the missions.