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A asking player is too freedom! Dark Fantasy West Drama RPG “Weird West” was a way of doing this game.

This article follows the guidelines, but it includes the nature of the pre-play repo, and it contains the spoiler of the game before release. If you want to play prior information as much as possible, we highly recommend browser back at this point.

The latest game is released a lot of daily life. Maker and store game introduction only “I don’t know what kind of game!” And I am not a GAME * SPARK reader. I am crying because I can not grasp it until I play. Therefore, it is the main plan “explosion play repo” that delivers the contents of the game life to the motto “as soon as possible.”

This time, Wolfeye Studios has developed, Devolver Digital is pubulisher, and it is scheduled to be released in STeam on March 31, 2022 (Steam, / PS4 / Xbox One Dark Fantasy Western Drama RPG “ * WEIRD WEST * “I would like to deliver the contents of the raw.
※ STeam is displayed as a release of April 1, but we unify the notation for guidance from manufacturers and release times of other platforms.

# What is “Weird West”?

This work is a western drama action of transplantation with a dark fantasy that gamman drives a horse. Players will experience multiple characters into the protagonist, and they experience the story they weave.

This time I played the early stage, but this is a good-looking… It was not a bit depth of the game that acceps and plays the idea that it was not. Wrap the tongue. While playing, “Can you do this?” And the actions that take action in an interest manual, the end of the “incident” result.

Please note that this article may differ from the product release after product release. Let’s do it soon.

Operation, setting, language

This work supports mouse & keyboard and controller operation. In this play, we are playing with Xbox One controller. You can play comfortably or comfortably, but if you say strong, the mouse may be easier and easy to aim.

In addition to setting, items are particularly powered around the graphics, and you can make fine settings. Also, the language corresponds to Japanese! Although there was some departure, there was a part of a certain part, but a high level of translation that well to convey the atmosphere of the western theater is done.

# Main story start

Well, a hood person sitting to be surrounded by five portraits. After this after this, I will scream with a scream, but probably one of this portrait is a playable hero in this work.

The 4-step difficulty level will be selected here, but it is possible to change it via the option later. A picture of the character is a touch that seems to be respecting respect for or something.

Exanima - Bloody Dark Medieval Action RPG
Suddenly rooted baked events were of course the nightmare. This woman jumping in bed ** “Jane Bell” will be the main character from here. She is a mother of a child who loves her family now as a prize earning.

A wake up to the worst place to sound from the outside of the house The sound and guns are wrong with the sound and guns……

Unfortunately, while the game started 1 minute, the child was killed by the person and his husband has been taken away.

# Let’s operate

Operation part from here. Operating the angry jane and collecting the revolver, which is her work tool, will head to the city, which is her next destination.

Attacks will be done with “shooting” and “throwing” such as “shooting” by gun and “throwing” such as other dynamite. If you aim to aim at the target head, you may want to make it a guide.

Walking up your home map and you will notice that you can play with a good degree of freedom. For example, this door…… If you have a key, you can not open it, but if you have a lock pick, you can open and invade with picking.

However, because the key is not found, the former lady of anger Jane Bell beats the lead ball instead of her. Yes, some objects, such as the door, are set to durable and can be destroyed. There are other ways to kick and break, but for the time being, this time there will be plug and rush. After this, I found a key normally in the barn next to it. **

Items are packed in the shelf or box, and ** Various recovery items and equipment can be obtained. Since the locked safe, it may be contained, so it is good to try when there is no space.

By the way, the item of the item is nothing from the object. Sometimes this is something that can be peeled off from the corpse of the roadside.

Fortunately, if you are an image, you’re a leaflet, so I will take a good deal. Well, the corpse next to that…,



The worst situation is coming out of the worst case… I’m going to put something tight in my heart… Anyway, there was a shovel for your hand, so I was able to fill the soil carefully and carefully. It is really wonderful to create a drama drama that allows you to experience the players by placing and skillful induction.

You can really do anything! Thorough commentary on game system with too high degree of freedom