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Survey: Have you bought Ghostwire: Tokyo?

GhostWire: Tokyo - 15 Things You Need To Know Before You Buy
The last weeks have been a particularly charged time for the big games, to the point that we feel almost a bit sorry for games like Ghostwire: Tokyo. A strong action adventure title According to most accounts, Ghostwire will undoubtedly find a dedicated audience, but following Mastodon’s outings like Horizon Forbidden West, and of course, the Almighty Elden Ring, will never be easy without being a mastodon yourself.

We gave what is supposed to be the last game PlayStation of Bethesda a 6/10 in our Ghostwire: Test of the Tokyo PS5 . Although it is not a bad experience, our conclusion warns: “Excellent ps5 dualsense controller support, obsessing and beautiful visual elements aside, Ghostwire: Tokyo will have to be missed. »

And so, as always, we want to know if you buy this latest version. You were looking forward to Ghostwire: Tokyo? Or is it one for the right deal? Vote in our polls, then make some nice hand movements in the comments section below.