DFB team: Press conference with national coach Hansi Flick and Ilkay Gündogan now in the live ticker

In front of the friendlies of the German national team against Israel and the Netherlands, National coach Hansi Flick and Ilkay Gündogan have asked the reporters on a press conference of the DFB. Here is the press conference in the LiveTicker to reading.

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DFB press conference with flick and Gündogan: Live now

Flick About Israel: “You have shown that you have done good junior work. In the last few months, a lot is also happening on the coach chair. I know Dabbur from the Bundesliga and also had him at Communio ( Bundesliga prediction game, Note D Red.), But he does too few points and has to be more efforted (laughs). “

Flick about the size of the squad: “Basically a 26-man squad is always easier. I’ll surprise me there and we have no influence anyway.”

Flick About Musiala: “His Dynamil in the offensive is fantastic. In 1: 1 he has also strengthen it. We can put him on the six and in the offensive and he also has a great chance tomorrow from the beginning to play. “

Flick over the installation: “Werner has the chance to play from the beginning. Gundogan will start but we keep us a bit covered.”

Flick about similarities of Weigl and Kimmich: “I do not know if you can compare the two. Julian Weigl knows which passes he has to play and has already shown that in the Bundesliga at BVB.”

Flick About Weigl and Dahoud: “We are always open to players who retrieve a top performance. Julian Weigl knows which position he has to take and how he must play. This week he can show himself and he has himself Already presented well in training. Mo Dahoud has already presented itself well here. We are completely open and always look forward when players evolve.

Flick over the squad at the World Cup: “We want to take players who can convince them on the mental side. And we also look for qualities that can help us. All players have eight months to show time with performance that you want to go to our team here. “

Flick over Italy: “Northern Macedonia has played with a lot of passion and at the end of the quixtche happened. I am glad that we could qualify for the World Cup early and are already qualified for the EM 2024. It does I’m a bit sorry for Italy, but that’s football, it’s about performance. “

Flick over the location at Chelsea: “First of all, I have to say that Thomas Tuchel makes an outstanding job. Kai Hanctz last had a lot of use and played well. Timo Werner was injured last long and must first be fit. At the end Everyone is responsible for themselves and in training he may have to show and offer more. “

Flick über Rüdiger: “Ich bin happy, dass wir so einen Spieler in den Reihen haben. Mir gefällt auch seine Entwicklung in der Mannschaft, dass er auch versucht, das Team zu pushen. Über seine Qualität müssen wir nicht reden, die ist top. Er will immer den Sieg und den Erfolg und das hilft unserer Mannschaft.”

Flick über den Sprung ins DFB-Team über Ausbildungsvereine: “Wo ein interessanter Spieler spielt, da bin ich und mein Trainerteam. Mir ist auch der Austausch mit dem Trainer wichtig, weil sie ihn jeden Tag sehen. Unabhängig davon, bei welchem Verein er spielt.”

Flick über Schlotterbeck: “Manchmal ist er ein bisschen bequem. Ich freue mich, dass er als eins unserer Talente den Durchbruch in die Nationalmannschaft geschafft hat.”

Flick über das Personal: “Von Joshua Kimmich gibt es leider nichts neues. Ich verstehe das, eine Geburt ist was Besonderes und das ist okay. Nico Schlotterbeck wird morgen spielen und im Tor steht Marc-Andre ter tegen und in der zweiten Halbzeit Kevin Trapp. Dass beide gleichzeitig spielen, haben wir nicht durchgekriegt (lacht).”

Flick über seine Heimat Heidelberg: “Ich liebe die Region und die Menschen und freue mich, dass wir das erste Spiel in der Nähe meiner Heimat spielen können. Wir konzentrieren uns aber voll und ganz auf die Leistung.”

Flick über Özils Weg in den letzten Jahren: “Ich habe aktuell keinen Kontakt zu ihm. Ich finde die aktuelle Entwicklung schade und kann nicht mehr dazu sagen, da ich keinen Kontakt habe.”

Flick über Israel: “ In meiner Zeit als Sportdirektor habe ich die ein oder andere Reise nach Israel gemacht. Wegen der Geschichte sind diese Spiele immer etwas besonderes und ich freue mich auf das erste Spiel in diesem sehr wichtigen Jahr 2022.”

Jetzt betritt Flick den Raum und beantwortet die Fragen der Reporter

Gündogan über Haaland: “So ein Spieler passt in jedes Team”

Gündogan About Hvertz and Werner: “From the level of performance, they are different. Kai Havertz has a good phase of time and has taken a good development. Timo Werner was injured for a long time and now needs a bit of time until he is in shape, For the national team both are very important and can give us a lot. “

Gundogan about his future at the DFB: very honest, I do not know yet. I’m looking forward to the World Cup in Qatar now and then we look further. “

Gündogan over Musiala in a defensive role: “It can also play a more defensive role and brings all the technical skills to play in this role. He has made a good development lately.”

Gundogan about Haaland at City: “I think a player like Haaland basically fits in every team.”

Gündogan About Manchester City: “We had heavy games and in the Premier League every game is fought hard. Liverpool just wins everything and has shortened the distance to just one point.”

Gündogan about Italy: “That was very surprising for us. Nordmasedonia has also beaten us, so we knew how well you knew. But of course we did not expect that it is always harder and too Not easy in the qualification. “

Gündogan about his role in the team: “I try to take place on the place always with performance. We want to implement tomorrow, what we have d1. At the moment I feel a little further in front like City’s most comfortable.”

DFB press conference with flick and Gündogan in the Liveticker

Gundogan is here and the press conference starts

First training of Hansi Flick as German head coach in full length
Before starting: On Saturday, a friendly game of the DFB team will take place against Israel in the Prezero Arena. On Tuesday it comes to a guest in the Amsterdam Arena to a hardness test in the game against the Netherlands.

Before starting: Welcome to the press conference of the DFB team with national coach Hansi Flick and Ilkay Gündogan. It starts at 13.00 clock.

DFB Team: Press Conference today in the Livestream

As usual, you can also see the press conference directly on the website of the DFB in the Livestream. Here you will find the free stream.

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DFB team: the upcoming games

Appointment Competition opponent
Friday, 26.03., 8:45 pm Friendlies Israel (home)
Tuesday, 29.03., 8:45 pm Friendlies Netherer (abroad)