According to reports, PS5 Pro will be launched before what everyone thinks

According to a new report, PS5 Pro is not only in process in Sony, but could be launched before what speculation suggests. As in 2021 and 2020, the manufacture of PS5 has been a challenge for Sony, so the offer can not satisfy the demand two years later. The supply is not only obstacled by the extreme shortage of microchips, but also by the current shipping crisis. The industry still feels the effects of production that stopped abruptly during the pandemic. In summary, it is a horrible moment to produce videogame consoles en masse, so many assume that PS5 Pro will not arrive soon, since adding another console to the mixture only complicates the situation. This is a reasonable assumption, but according to a new report, it is not accurate.

In a new video of YouTube, RedgamingTech has transmitted the news that Sony aims to launch PS5 Pro for the end of 2023, but a launch in 2024 is certainly on the table at this time. Along with this statement, it is revealed that the console will aim to provide a performance of 2.5x in Ray Tracing and will be more suitable for playing with the next PlayStation VR 2.

New Rumor Claims Sony Is Developing a PS5 Pro & PlayStation Handheld With Both Releasing By 2024

As expected, RedgamingTech is deeply immersed in the essential technical details of the console. For example, YouTuber points out that PS5 Pro will use the TSMC 5NM process. If this kind of very granular details interest you, see the video below:

At this time, it seems that the great difference between what the current PS5 offers and what the PS5 Pro will offer will be in the graphic department, with the most powerful entrails of the latter aimed at improving Ray Tracing’s capabilities. And this makes sense, since Ray Tracing is going to be “fashion” in this generation of consoles.

For now, however, take everything here with a salt grain. This is a rumor, not official information of the PlayStation blog or a Sony press release. That said, at least the moment of the mentioned release is aligned with a new and mysterious Sony filtration.

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