Will Coromon have a competitive scene?

Coromon is a role-playing game with a taway of monsters, inspired by Pokémon and other games, such as The Legend of Zelda and Golden Sun. In the aggregate, they form a Coromon gaming process, which includes traveling around the world and step-by-step battles. It can make you wonder if the competitive scene will be for Coromon.

The answer is positive – Tragsoft developers confirmed to COROMONTHEGAME AMA, which intend to to balance the game after startup . There will also be seasons with multiple tiers for players to make money in rating matches.

Will there be a tournament in a koromon?

Coromon Combat System Explained! | Overview
The developers confirmed that I do not have plans for the official stage of the tournament e. But this does not mean that unofficial tournaments will not be held. In Casual PVP-lobby, Koromon The community can create its own tournaments .

Games like Coromon are thrive thanks to the community that TRAGSOFT intends to support after launch. Those who want to educate the best team and test their strategies should join the Coromon community to participate in tournaments.

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