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Special of Street Fighter swimsuits reveals its covers

As it happens every year, Capcom and Udon have announced a new line of special illustrations of swimsuit starring the characters Street Fighter . On this occasion, this new edition will arrive at some point of summer of 2022, and will have six different covers, each at different prices.

Although these bikinis specials can be achieved in different stores, there are two that are exclusive from the official UDON store. These are Laura in a wedding dress. The first, that one with an orange dress, has a price of $ 50 , while the pink suit can be found at $ 20 dollars. Both are in charge of the artist known as Reiq.

Similarly, we find the CVR A model, which has an illustration of Norasuko, and shows Karin in swimsuit on the beach . On the other hand, the option of CVR B is in charge of Ryan Kinnaird, and presents us to Elena and Menat in swimsuits. These two have a price of $ 4.99. The fifth for this is known as CVR C, and does not have something striking, since it is only blank, and it can be yours for $ 5.99.

Street Fighter Swimsuit Special Collection Hardcover Overview!

Finally, we have a Panzer incentive cover. Here we can see Ken and Ryu rescue Dan, while Chun Li, Cammy and Sakura observe . Blanka is also in the background. Like the coverage of Laura in the pink dress, the price of this edition is $ 20 dollars.

The Special of Street Fighter Swimwear from 2022 will be on sale at some June 2022 point. You can get the copy that you like the most here. On related topics, a great update will arrive at Street Fighter V. Similarly, STREET FIGHTER 6 will arrive at Xbox?

Editor’s note:

The illustrations of bikinis specials always look spectacular. Although prices can sound somewhat tall, especially considering that the only thing that changes between the two versions of Laura is the color of her dress, but the rest look very good.