Destiny 2: All darkness in the throne world

In our guide to the darkness in Destiny 2 you will learn:

  • How to close the rifts
  • Where you can find all darkness in the throne world

For the triumph “not watching” you have to close ten darkness in the throne world. To save you the long search in Destiny 2, we will reveal all dark relief locations.

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What are the darkness questions?

Unlike the name suggests, the darkness is not dark. They rays in a bright white and are therefore difficult to detect especially in the area of ​​the fluorescent channel against the bright backgrounds.

How can I close the darkness?

You can not interact with the darkness, instead you need the new EXO grenade launcher “Parasit” to close it.

To get to the EXO, you must have completed the Witch Queen campaign (the difficulty level does not matter). Then you can pick up from Ikora the quest “of queens and worms” . At the end of the quest, you will receive the “parasite” by Mara Sov.

So you conclude the darkness with the parasite :

  • Sagle yourself with the parasite, which gives you the buff “worm-by-product”.
  • Switches quickly to your primary weapon and shoots with the buff on the Rift – only so you can harm to a RIFT and destroy it.

Locations of all darkness in the throne world

Dark Season: Lost Sector “Extraction”

Go to the lost sector “Extraction” in the Morast. The darkness is over the chest at the end of the sector .

Darkness: Mora

Drive from the Morast towards the fluorescent channel. But before you drive through the great gate, through which you leave the morace, right goes towards the tempting curtain . The Rift is in the first small building.

Dark season: fluorescent channel

If you drive from the morass to the channel, you keep right on the wall in the channel until you come to the point with the three little towers . The Rift hides behind the middle turret.

Dark season: Hof of the thorns

Go through the large gate in the middle of the fluorescent channel to the courtyard of the thorns (in this area also the activity “Urquell” takes place). Run until the end of the large bridge and looks to the top left (see screenshot).

Attention: For us, the Rift was puzzled and we could not see him, but we could still push him and destroy it. Just shoot the place we have marked in the screenshot below.

Darkness: Burghof the Queen

The gate in the northeast of the canal leads you to the Burghof of the Queen . The dark direction can be found on the left in the Burghof (see screenshot).

Darkness: Lost sector “Tomb”

Play the lost sector “Tomb” in the fluorescent channel until the end. You find the dark direction in the corner links from the end chest .

Darkness: Miasma

Drive to the RAID entrance in Miasma. This dark direction hovers hidden behind the right statue in front of the entrance.

Darkness: Lost sector “Metamorphosis”

Also in the third lost sector of the throne world is a rift hiding. Here, however, you must prove a good reaction rate and be fast. After looting the chest at the end of the sector, you can shoot with a lift back to the surface .

Before you uses the lift, you will shoot with the parasite and switches to a primary weapon. You will catapult over the dark direction and must destroy it in flight .

Dark season: Temple of the List

All 10 Darkness Rifts Location Guide (No Peeking Triumph) [Destiny 2]
For this darkness you have to take a longer journey. Starts with Fynch in the morass and drive to the north to the cave entrance, which you see below on the map. Follow the tunnel until you get into the room with the portal. Enter the portal and then keep left – does not go straight through the gate.

Follow the way over the bridge by further caves and a large chandelier wrapped in bluish light. Then you get into the huge cave with the fortress in which you have fought against the Ahamkara in the campaign.

Let go down and jump on half way to the fortress to the right on the rocks (see screenshot). Best activates the Depthblick View in front of the Rift to just get there.

Dark direction: altar of reflection

The last Rift can be found in the altar of the reflection (which version you play it does not matter). In the room at the end, in which Savathûn talks to you, look to the left. The Rift floats outside over the water .

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