Deadly Premonition 2 arrives, but only for Nintendo Switch

The original _ mortal_remition_ is one of the most broken games to have ever been published. It’s a complete disorder with terrible shooting mechanisms, a driving that would not be moved in an old PS One game and a control system that, at best, is a tank and is unusable at worst. But despite all his faults, there is much, it’s a game that myself and many others love.

This is an excellent example of a very more significant than the sum of its parts. His world is more alive than a lot of AAA titles as NPCs spend their day on their daily lives, no matter what you do. The main character, Francis York Morgan, is a brilliant creation that is both detective and detective and Fox Mulder. Her support cast is not too shabby either, and the story is so popular that as a Twilight Zone life fan, Rod Serling would have been proud of something.

We NEED To Talk About Deadly Premonition 2 For Nintendo Switch!

Unfortunately, no matter how much we have begged and claimed a sequel, it seemed like we would never see the light of day, but we are there, nine years later, and the news we were waiting so patiently was finally confirmed in the last Nintendo direct streams.

A a mortal premonition2: a disguised blessing is an exclusive switch whose exit is planned for 2020. The game will follow Aaliyah Davis, the FBI, which will open a new business of 14, which will also open a door of the past. In New Orleans, we will maintain with Francis York Morgan who will examine the original events of the case. Through the jumps in time, we will embody the two characters, past and present, to try to understand what is happening. past.

I must say that I am incredibly happy about it. It’s the only thing that convinced me to go out and buy a switch because until now I did not have any interest in the console, but the ability to come back to one of my favorite characters in The game in a brand new scenario. me for that. Hoping that Nintendo does not try to polish mortal printed 2_ in any way because it would happen next to the reason why so many people liked it the first time.