Lost ARK: Update is imminent, brings Season 1 of the exam arena

For Lost Ark, the next update is at: The new patch goes live on March 24th. The update appears in the course of the weekly maintenance, which once again a multi-hour downtime should bring with it. Concrete details of the course of the maintenance are not available so far. However, the developers of Amazon and SmileGate RPG presented first info on Season 1 of the competitive exam arena , which starts with the upcoming update in Lost Ark.

AND SO IT BEGINS.. LOST ARK DAY 1!!! Kadan server
“Players can face the team’s death fighting mode in the queue and fight against each other for fame and rewards. Your victories and defeats in the competition matches During the season you can pursue in your ‘average rating in the competition game’, share the developers in a current blog entry. Your rank is determined by your score. The same applies to the rewards, which at the end of the season. For participation, you have to achieve class 1 in the exam arenas.

How long does the Season take Lost Ark?

The duration of the Season 1 of Lost Ark (Buy Now 19.99 €) is scheduled for six months . Towards the end, the developers want to inform the final date and information on the ranking wages. “You get some items based on your endrang, but most of the PVP rewards deserve to collect coins in the exam arena gameplay,” promise the makers. You can then spend the coins with a dealer. The in turn has a mix of weekly rewards and special season rewards on offer.

Which rewards are there?

Weekly rewards for Lost Ark include reinforcing materials and EP potions, to the season rewards of cosmetic items such as ribs and titles. “Players will be rewarded for climbs with access to other weekly reinforcing materials and other dealer items,” complete the developers. You can also achieve new competition ranks in Lost Ark. Bronze receives her until 1,399, a grandmaster is you when you are in the top 30 of the players in your region. Note that the average rating for competition games decreases if you do not participate in any competition match for two weeks.

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