Will microtransactions in Hogwarts Legacy?

On PlayStation there was no mention of microtransactions. Hogwarts heritage: the state of the game 17 March 2022. Many fans are fairly concerned about the presence of microtransactions in any AAA game released in 2022, since in recent years they have become a curse for many games. Chandler Wood, Community-manager Avalanche Studios took a twitter after demonstrating the game to weaken the concern of fans about microtransactions. He confirmed that in Hogwarts Herutles will not be microtransactions. .

This should not be surprised by fans, since Hogwarts Legacy is planned mainly for a single game, and microtransactions are usually rotating around a multiplayer online aspect of games. A good reason for anxiety is still there, but the fans waiting for the release of the game can be happy that they do not have to spend extra money to have fun in Hogwarts Heritage.

Hogwarts Legacy Developer Reacts To Microtransaction Rumors | GameSpot News

When will the “Hogwarts Hougaw” come out?

In the state of the game “Hogwarts Hogwarts” received Release Window Holiday 2022 and not a specific release date. Probably, this is the result of the delay of many games in recent years. The Holiday 2022 release window puts it next to some powerful AAA games, such as Starfield.

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