Pokemon Legends: Arceus receives new update

Approximately two weeks have passed since _ Pokémon Legends: Arceus _ received a new update, which added more content for those who had already finished the history of the game. Today a new patch has arrived that, although it is not so important, it does correct an error that was causing frustration among the players who found it.

The patch 1.1 of Legends Arceus is already available for download, and then we tell you what is the error that corrects:

“A problem was corrected where under certain conditions the players could not acquire the Shiny Charm even if they already met all the requirements. After updating the game, players who experienced this problem can already acquire Shiny Charm when talking with Professor Laventon within the Galaxy Hall in JubiLife Village as long as they meet the requirements. “

In case you were not aware, the Shiny Charm increases your chances of finding you Pokémon Shiny But to get it, you need to have captured all 242 Pokémon that currently exist at Legends Arceus , and upload Your level of research to the maximum for each of them.

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Editor’s note: I expected that by this point, Legends Arceus was already having some kind of roadmap to indicate the content that will come soon. With the arrival of the new generation in Scarlet and Violet, maybe Game Freak is going to set aside the support for Arceus even less than a year in the market.