The new quest NPC from Elden Ring comes with patch 1.03

The latest Elden Ring Patchoties have arrived, and hurray, there are a lot of changes. With all sorts of bug fixes and balance adjustments, players will complain about the loss of some of the most important builds of the game. However, there are positive supplements such as the new quest NPC Elden Ring, which the players sniffed quickly.

Below in the village of Jarg, the players can now grab the companion mug talisman, which increases damage caused by thrown crude. Of course, you could run out and the Lands Between combat after this new, tiny pot boy, but if you really want to know it, then you just have to follow our Elden Ring Jar-Bairn quest guide and this shiny new piece of jewelery will be yours.

Apart from the fact that basic weapons skills such as night-and-flame attitude, rausaturstampen and determination of the Königsritter were fixed or directly attenuated, several other combat options were improved with the new ELDEN ring patch. For example, the FP consumption was reduced for a series of witchcraft, while the effectiveness of shields has also been increased.

Elden Ring Update Patch 1.03 - Weapon BUFFS, Nerfs, New Quests & More!

There are also some solid improvements in quality of life. The droprates of forgings at certain enemies has been increased while the finishing material can now be bought in some early-game shops. In addition, from Software has now added a way to mark the icon and names of NPCs that you encounter on the map.

Eldenring patch 1.03 is now available.https: //t.co/m66ygj6cfh

Please make sure you apply the patch to continue playing online. pic.twitter.com/69dctvhnet

  • Eldenring (@eldenring) 17. March 2022

With so many far-reaching changes on a whole line, we can not wait to see what crazy and possibly overpriced builds the players will soon defeat the bosses of Elden Ring.