Horror game “Qualy-Yummers Summer Camp” announced, to June 10th. Camping tragedy, who is alive or up to the player

Publisher’s 2K announced on March 18, Horror Games “Qualy-Nightmare Summer Camp”. Supported platforms are PC (STeam) / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox ONE / Xbox Series X | S, scheduled to be released on June 10th.

“Qualy-Visual Through Summer Camp” is a Teenholor game that SUPERMASSIVE GAMES is engaged in “UNTIL DAWN-tragedy Yamaso–“. Luxurious casts such as Hollywood Stars and Celebrities, such as David Arc Eto, Ariel Winter, Justis Smith, Brenda Song, Lance Henrixen, Lin Shay, and the latest facial capture technology. It also responds to Japanese dubbing.

The stage of this work is the last night of a certain summer camp. The Camp Counselor of Hacket Quarry, as the darkness starts to wear around the dark, but I will open a partying party. It is only ours left at the campsite, and the rules that bind them are no longer. However, the situation will go to the unexpected direction.

In this work, the player will be one of the camp counselors in which there are 9 people. And it will be chased by blood smell hunters and more horrible “something”. Experience the night of the fear that can not be read ahead, and the miscellaneous friends of the friends and the love of the summer are transformed to the choice that separates life and death. In the heavy pressure that is not good choice, the relationship between young people will sometimes deepen and sometimes collapse.

“Do you want to check the right of the secret door?” “Do you want to check the identity of the cry from the forest?” “Do you want to lose your life for your friends or ran away?” Is not an important thing. And, I solved the yarn that could be intertwined in complicately, and I experienced a sling story like a movie, without spinning my own stories. Who is survive to the end, the end of the player is up to the player.

In this work, online mode can also be played with up to 7 friends. The invited players can join the vote in the scene where you need important choice while watching the game, and you can shape the story with everyone ‘s opinion. In addition, the party type offline cooperative play mode is also included that each player is responsible for each different character and determines its action.

In addition, all play elements of this work can adjust the degree of difficulty. In addition, “movie mode” that can be appreciated as “Horror movie that sweats in hand” without gameplay is also available.

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“Qualy-Yummer’s Summer Camp” will be released on June 10 for PC (STeam) / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S. Reservation acceptance is started from today. In addition, package version is scheduled to be released for PS4 / PS5.