Where to find a hidden history “Day when the hunter died” in Lost Ark

“The day when the hunter died” is a fascinating “hidden story” in the “Lost Ark”, telling about the fierce battle between the hunter and the giant wolf. You can find this hidden history on the continent Shushir.

The Day a Hunter Died Lost Ark

First hidden story

Go to the Ice Blood Plateau and come very close to the marker map of the hill of a bitter wind to start this story. In the area noted above, you will find many supplies on the western side of the edge of the map. Tent, box, barrels and gigantic eggs will be present. Inspect the area in front of the box.

Second hidden story

This hidden history can be found next to the marker on the height of the Ice Wing, which is located to the south of the raid “Plague Demon” and east of the “Graumun camp”. Look at the cliffs on the eastern side of the edge of the map in the area marked above. Lape prints can be seen on the ground in front of these stones. Explore footprints.

Third hidden history

Change the area on the height of the ice wing and run past the rock of the gray moon to the southeastern side of the card. In the location above you will find many stones and bones of a large beast. Also nearby is a skeleton of humanoid. Inspect the skeleton.

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