Rainbow Six Siege: Operator Azami Playable, New Card Emerald Plains Later

Ubisoft announces that Demon Veil, the first Season of Rainbow Six Siege Year 7, now on PlayStation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Windows PC including Xbox Game Pass, Ubisoft +, Ubisoft’s subscription service, Amazon Luna, and Stadia is available.

In Demon Veil, the players will discover a brand new defender: Azami. Equipped with the game changing KIBA barrier gadget, put your litter canisters a stretching material that consolidates a bulletproof surface. This allows you to quickly repair holes in walls and floors, providing a mobile and versatile defense approach. In addition, Emerald Plains will be the first new card in Rainbow Six Wicture for three years. Players can explore this card that plays in Ireland soon after the start of the season.

Demon Veil brings a new game mode, Team Deathmatch, which was developed to create the perfect environment, to warm up with competitive matches, but also to offer a more informative gaming experience in Rainbow Six victories. Team Deathmatch is a permanent addition to Rainbow Six victories and will be a great introduction to new players to get a feeling for the operator.

Additional updates that come with Demon Veil include:

  • Match replay for console players
  • Telephone number as a prerequisite for ranking games
  • Balancing updates for Goyo and Valkyrie
  • Exclusive Elite Skin for Nomad
  • Attacker new election
  • New R6FIX incentive program

By March 21, players can acquire the time-limited year’s passport for 30 € or the Premium Year Pass for 60 €.

Azami - Hole Filler Operator - Demon Veil - 6News - Rainbow Six Siege

The Year Pass turns off the four seasonal battle passports – including a 14-day pre-access to new operator as soon as they appear – during the Premium Year pass four Battle passports, the premature access to new operator, exclusive exotic weapons kins, R6 credits and more unlocked. Players who buy the Premium Year Pass also free the first 20 out of 100 stages and get faster rewards.