Holtmanns long startup in front of Philippines

For months, no, for years, the efforts of the Philippine Association, Gerrit Holtmann in a international game run. Most recently, the crucial papers were missing, then Covid-19 made a dash through the bill.

Hot expanded debut planned on Wednesday in Singapore

Now it looks like all hurdles be taken. Holtmann, on Friday evening for the VfL against Borussia Mönchengladbach in the Bundesliga commitment, should travel on Monday to Singapore and there on Wednesday his first international game for the Philippines.

At the three-country tournament in the Asian city state, the second international match is planned for the following Tuesday, then the Philippines against Malaysia. From Holtmann, the Philippine Association awaits clearly clear appreciation of his team, more precisely: As a Bundesliga player, the pillar Bochum Sprinter, whose mother comes from the Philippines, is the most prominent actor of the National Team, therefore his debut for this team, in which too becomes The former Bundesliga professional Stephan Schröck (35, Hoffenheim, Frankfurt, Fürth) is active, of course, so much awaited.

In the current Bundesliga season, Holtmann has met a significant step forward and cared for with its spectacular performances. Currently there are four goals and six assist in his proof of work in the Bundesliga.

Fastest player and gate of the year 2021

The Philippine startup ecosystem

His goal in the first leg against Mainz, when he left half the opposing team with a rousing solo, the viewers of the ARD sports show even chose the goal of the year 2021. In the previous season, the agile offensive man with 36.43 km / h The fastest player of the 2nd Bundesliga.