Monster hunter rise

From classics to the latest, Steam JRPG discount

If you are fans who like JRPG genre, let’s go to Steam right now. Steamed JRPG discount sales events.

In this event that will proceed from the 21st to the 21st, most RPGs made by Japanese developers can be purchased at a discounted price without division. Monster Hunter: Rise, Monster Hunter Story 2: Wrecked Wings, Super Robot Wars 30, etc. You can purchase 34%, 25% discounted prices, and 7, Scarlet Nexus, Persona 5, Strikers The same work is also included in the discount item.

Classical JRPGs are also included in the event. Square is a member of Squupparmum, including the chronograph that is evaluated as the best RPG, which is the best RPG, which is the best RPG. In addition, several series, such as escape, Battlefield, and Tales of Cold Steel, have been renamed in discount lists.

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On the other hand, steam also proceeds to the Capcom distributor discount event for the same period. During the same period, you can see up to 87% discounted prices of Capcom, including latest work such as Biohazard Village.

Detailed list and information related to steam discounts can be found on the official homepage.