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HORIZON FORBIDDEN WEST GUIDE: Where are all the black boxes to get the wings of the ten

If you have embarked on the search for the best weapons of Horizon Forbidden West, sooner or later you will have to face the search for the black boxes to be able to do with the wings of ten **, the best Honda Explosive game.

To help you get it, then we show you a map where you can find the location of all the black boxes of Horizon Forbidden West so you can know where to find them all.

Map All black boxes to get wings of ten

Saved to good collection in the aircraft that crashed during the sunset of humanity. Giving with them is more a matter of patience than of challenge, so with a map like the one you have next is going to be sewn and sing.

The Black Boxes Locations - Rewards a Legendary Weapon in Horizon Forbidden West | Wings of the Ten

If you also have the last mount of the game (wink, wink), you will see that doing with them is as easy as reaching each location, moving some platform with the hook or connecting a generator and, ready, you will have the box in your power.

Remember that when you have them all, or if you prefer to go by taking them one by one, you will have to go to the commemorative grove of the tenakth to exchange the boxes per prizes and get the weapon the wings of the Ten when you have them all.

Video with all black boxes to get the legendary explosive sling

Then we leave you a video with the exact location of all the game boxes and the small puzzle that keeps each plane to make with them. Make yourself with all black boxes ** will be as easy as an end of a pastor.