Wow classic

Webzen (re)lance Soul of the Ultimate Nation en version Classic

In 2007, Webzen launched Soul of the Ultimate Nation ( Sun ) and then presented it as the first action MMORPG – the South Korean studio indicated to have drawn inspiration in the games consoles of the time, whether to define the graphics of his MMORPG or his gameplay. And if the game marked its time, the waiters were nevertheless closed in 2013, for lack of a sufficient number of players.

Today, the nostalgia is recipe and the South Korean operator therefore announces the reopening of the servers of Soul of the Ultimate Nation, in classic version – that is to say as the game at its launch in 2007 But in a version nevertheless handed over to the tastes of the day. The players will find the graphics of the time but with an updated interface, as well as the gameplay of the original version, but embellished with some more current features (obviously including a self-play system to help new players to progress )

At first, Sun Classic is (re) launched in Asia, but without geographical restriction, with an option for automatic translation of exchanges between players to facilitate communication, but for the moment available only in Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Other languages ​​should nevertheless be added according to the future updates of the MMORG. For nostalgics or curious, registrations are open on the official website.


Soul of the Ultimate Nation: Classic
Sun Classic launch trailer