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Horizon Forbidden West: Chances for a New Game Plus

Horizon Forbidden West is now available for a few weeks and accordingly many fans should have already finished the game. Since some of course the question arises as it looks like a possible New Game +: Is there a New Game Plus mode in Horizon Forbidden West? Or: What are the chances that such a mode still find his way into the game? We have at least a few answers for you who may help you.

Horizon Forbidden West: That’s how it’s about a lot of new Game Plus mode

It’s about it: When New Game + is called in most games a mode that allows you to start the game completely from the front, but with all the free circuits, skills and improvements (sometimes also weapons) that you before Only received during the story. Many fans like to use that to tackle the games again on a higher degree of difficulty.

Here you can see again our mode test at Horizon Forbidden West in Videoform:

Horizon Dawn has a New Game +? No, currently not yet. Currently there is no way to just start the main story with all unlocked extras just from the front to make a bigger challenge.

Does the New Game Plus mode still come? Most likely. Although there is currently no corresponding notice, but the opportunities are well standing well that Developer Studio Guerrilla will meet the New Game Plus mode at some point. At least that was the same with the predecessor Horizon Zero Dawn so: First there was no New Game +, but it was added later by patch.

It could take so long: if we stay at the predecessor, possibly around the four months. For that long, it took on Horizon Zero Dawn until a New Game Plus mode has been released with new, higher level of difficulty and the patch to version 1.30. Of course, that does not necessarily mean that it is exactly how it works with Horizon Forbidden West.

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For Horizon Forbidden West, the update with patch 1.07 was recently rolled out. Among other things, it fixes several quest mistakes and other little things. However, some other technical difficulties continue to exist, so it is still possible with the following patches and bugfixes.

Horizon Forbidden West Update 1.07 Nerfs Skill, Changes Armor & More (Horizon Forbidden West 1.07)
Are you already through with Horizon Forbidden West and wish you a New Game Plus mode?