Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The official cookies of Animal Crossing are already here: Now you can eat you at Tom Nook!

We know that some neighbors of Animal Crossing New Horizons are very heavy, but… as well as to eat them? Although Nintendo has officially confirmed that no more important content updates will be added or DLC to the SWITCH game, many players continue to love all the content around them and now, we have some gallery with us.

We already know that the Japanese are very special and, when something is successful, they give him a thousand different ways.. The last invention there? Adorable chocolate cookies with your favorite inhabitants of the game.

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Animal Crossing Chocolate Cookies: New Horizons

Impossible to get them in the Mercadona at the moment (but you can have them if you spend a fortune in shipping costs when they are available in Japan), but we still wanted to present yourself with these adorable cakes. Nintendo has been associated with bandai to produce these coookies and, according to shared information, each package will cost around 100 yen (80 cents).

In total, in chocolate cookies it is represented 42 game characters . Now, you can take revenge on Tom Nook when he asks you to pay for bills. Or something like that.

This product will be available from from March 21 in Japan . Meanwhile, you can still drool this adorable animal wedding cake Crossing!