Core Keeper Malaguz Boss Fight Guide

In this Guardián del core Malugaz Boss Fight Guide, I’ll tell you how to find and defeat Malugaz The Corrupted, a chief hidden in the depths of The Forgotten Ruins.

Where to find Malugaz El Corrupto

You can find Malugaz the corrupt in her throne room in the depths of the Forgotten Ruins’ biome, as Gamingwithdaopa stands out on YouTube. From what I can say, it seems likely that you find Malugaz out of the ring where GHORM patrol the devourer.

Unfortunately, there is no scanner for Malugaz The Corrupted. That means you will have to look on foot. The sand of him is well lit with ancient scrap and is quite large; It is a circle of approximately 16 blocks in diameter. He continues to explore the forgotten ruins abroad from the GHORM tunnel and you should find him eventually.

How to unlock MALUGAZ the corrupt

Core Keeper - Malugaz the Corrupted, how to summon and fight guide

Malugaz The corrupt is not invoked by default, so you’ll have to give life using a crystal skull.

What to do with crystal skull fragments in Guardián del nucleus

The crystal skull fragments are used to make a crystal skull, an object that can summon the Boss Malugaz the corrupt on the forgotten ruins. Once he has collected 10 Crystal Skull Shards, place them in his hotbar and right click. Your character will participate in a brief magic animation before creating a crystal skull. Next, you can place the crystal skull in the Ballgaz invocation rune, as well as with any other boss.

How to win the Guardián del core Malugaz Boss Fight – Best Strategy

It’s time for the key part of our core_guardian Malugaz Boss Fight Guide: How to beat Malugaz The Corrupted. This fight can be challenging even if you are well equipped, so be careful not to throw you head to battle!

Preparation of equipment and supplies

Malugaz makes a good amount of damage by fire, and that means you will receive damage over time.

Cook several abundant pepper wrappers (heart berry + pump pepper) is a good idea: they provide a good combination of health regeneration and a speed increase. Alternatively, I would recommend doing Mushet Berry Pudding (Heart Berry + Mushroom) and Crunchy Tulip Salad (Glow Tulip + Carrock) and eat both; These will give you a good combination of benefits.

You must also create at least 10 healing potions to mitigate damage over time or recover from direct strokes. I fought against Malugaz with more than 500 points of life and the best armor in the early access version of the game, and even so I received a lot of damage.

As for your weapons, you can fight against Malugaz with melee combat or at a distance. I recommend both, so prepare your best body-to-body and remote weapons before entering this fight.

preparing the sand

The Arena of Malugaz is full of garbage. I strongly recommend that you break all the walls and destroy all the ancient boxes so that it has as much space to move as possible.

Strategy 1: Body, then at a distance

Malugaz fights in two phases. In the first phase, fireballs are teleported and triggered; It will also make random fire bursts appear inside the sand. You can hit it with a body to body for this first phase.

In the second phase, he removes the hood to reveal his skull head on fire. Helm attacks change fast blows that exploit in a 3 × 3 fire area when he lands. I recommend that you run dodging the flame and shooting Malaguz from afar.

Strategy 2 – Remote

You can fight against Malaguz exclusively with remote weapons, but it can take a little more time due to the slightest harm.

Strategy 3 – Body to Body

A pure body strategy LATA work, but it will be much more difficult, especially in the second phase. You will have to accumulate a lot of damage, so you want to make sure you have always active a curing benefit with the time of food.

Strategy 4 – Explosives

There are very few problems that can not be solved with explosives, but it is probably a bad idea to use them in this fight. The Arena of Malugaz is very small, and that means you run the risk of flying through the air.

How to invoke Malugaz again

You can summon Malugaz collecting more crystal Skull Shards, creating another Crystal Skull and invoking it in the usual process.

Unlike most of the other bosses, invoke Malugaz depends on you get random drops from enemies at The Forgotten Ruins. Once you have expired, it is probably better to concentrate on exploring the area and killing enemies as you advance; Eventually, you will have a lot of Crystal Skull Shards and you can invoke it several times. Without a doubt, it is more productive than coming and coming and trying to grow more crystal Skull Shards between each fight.

Guardián del nucleus Booty of the Boss Malugaz

Here is the booty that you can get for successfully overcome Malugaz in _Guardián del nucleus. This may not be a complete list of everything you can plunder.

Old chest

  • Guaranteed fall.
  • It has 18 spaces for items (6 × 3).

Blue leather volume

  • Suddenly.
  • +21.6% range damage.
  • Part of a set with skull necklace and skull ring
    • 3 Set: All nearby enemies burn for +17 damage every third second

Ritual dagger

  • Dagger
  • 106-128 Damage Body to Body
  • 3.3 Attacks per second
  • +2 Brightness
    • 6% probability of critical hit
  • +13% critical hit damage
  • Durability: 350/350

Battle Ax

  • Axe
  • 149-181 Body damage
  • 1.7 attacks per second
  • +17.6% body to body damage
  • Durability 350/350.

Gold bar

Blood Skull

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