Warframe – How to access the Leverian

In warframe, Lerantian is like an exhibition managed by a character called Drusus Leverian. They take the form of a gallery in which you can walk, looking at objects related to a particular warframe, while Drusus gives you a narrated story of the warframe.

How to access the Leverian

When you look at a war image in the Codex, to which you can access from the corresponding console of your ship, you may notice the LeverIn button at the bottom right of the screen. By clicking on this button, you arrive at Lerantian itself. You can also access it via the Warframe page in the Market.

WARFRAME - The Leverian Frames are... special, or is it Drusus? *SPOILERS WITHIN*

For the moment, the number of Raiseie entries seems to be limited to Gauss and its emblematic weapons, but it is possible to add others in the future. You can also donate at the very beginning of the gallery, although for the moment we do not know if there is an additional mechanism or if it looks like many museums in real life.

After entering the Leverian, you can move between the screens, pressing the interaction button to listen to Drusus transmitting knowledge about warframe and its history.