Tropical Rainforest Survival “Green Hell” Precautionary day of “Spirits of Amazonia” mode The delivery date of the final chapter is decided!

Developer Creepy Jar draws the last chapter of the game mode “ Spirits of Amazonia ” that draws the last day of the tropical rain forest “ Green Hell ” Delivers the Local Time March 29 for PC version. It announced that it will be.

The hero Jake helped the Amazon tribe in “Spirits of Amazonia” and went deeply into a magnificent mystery. At Part 3, adventure is to have a slinging end. The main features are as follows.

  • Jake and Amazon’s spirits journey will have a magnificent end.

  • Amazon’s fishermen “Habukku” appeared.

  • Conduct a new ritual trial in the trial arena on the theme of each tribe.

  • A new area where you can explore various locations.

  • Four new legends.

  • At all, new AI “Mukade”.

  • Two new activities, two new weapons, new pottery mechanics etc.

“Green Hell” is delivered for Windows (STeam) / PS4 / Xbox ONE / Nintendose switch. Creepy Jar has a “Spirits of Amazonia” content to be prepared for PS4 / Xbox ONE. It is not mentioned about the Nintendose switch version (for development of the Nintendo switch version, Forever Entertainment is in charge).