FC Schalke 04: License in danger? CEO with clear announcement

The Schalke board leader Bernd Schröder does not worry about the license of the football second division despite the separation of main sponsor Gazprom.

It’s about the license method for the next season “Zero Commanull” danger, SCHRÖDER insured in an interview of the “Funke Media Group”.

“Before we made the decision of the separation, we have all the scenarios. The financial capacity of Schalke 04 is definitely preserved,” explained the 55-year-old. Because of the Russian invasion in Ukraine, Schalke had ended the lucrative partnership with Gazprom after 15 years prematurely.

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Schröder also confidently showed that the decision would have no consequences for future cadring planning. You have “a number of offers” possible other donors.

Therefore, the help of DFB Interim President Hans-Joachim Watzke brought help from other clubs for the royal blue not necessary. “Stand today – and without knowing what the next few months still bring us, I’m sure Schalke will make it from my own power,” said Schröder.

The commitment of a bridging aid of the federal government helps for the revenue losses suffered in the Corona crisis. You calculate with a middle seventh set amount, said Schröder. “To the classification: Our non-governed sales losses by Corona are approaching the mark of 100 million euros,” added the executive board schef.