“Back 4 Blood” Total number of players topped 10 million people! Large extension DLC pack “Tunnel of Teller” April 13 (Wednesday) Delivery Determination

Sega Co., Ltd. was notified that the number of players worldwide has surpassed 10 million people about cooperative zombie FPS “Back 4 Blood” released from WB Games.

Sega Co., Ltd. will notify you that the number of players worldwide has overtaken by 10 million people about cooperative zombie FPS “Back 4 Blood” released from WB Games. In addition, we will deliver the first large extended download content (DLC) pack “Tunnel of Terror” on April 13, 2012, 2022.

The Tunnel of Terrer has new PVE activities, Lidun’s Nest, Playable Characters, Limited Character Skin, Limited Weapon Skins, etc.

The “Ridoon Nest” is a new PVE activity that can participate in up to four teams. Explore seven dungeons like the labyrinth spreading in the basement of the Evansburg area, “Monster De Ridung”.

For special rewards that can only be obtained with “Ridun’s nest” I will capture. “Monster De Ridung” is also available in the match content “Swam mode”.

In addition, two cleaners of the firefighter “Shalis” and the toughness and the trap is too hard, and the five cleaners of the restaurant manager “Hen” will appear as a new playable character. In addition, “Tunnel of Terror” contains eight characters only skins, seven new legendary weapons, 12 new weapons skins, new cards, etc.

Distribution of this extended DLC pack is done simultaneously with the release of the free update “No Hope” “to add more difficulty to elite players. All of the” Tunnel of Terror “included in the Tunnel of Teller Playable content is accessible to all players in the party if one of the parties purchases extended content.

※ “Tunnel of Teller” is also planned to deliver part of “Deluxe Edition” “Ultimate Edition” “Annual Pass” and a single item.

# About “Back 4 Blood (Back For Brad)”

“Back 4 Blood” is a thrilling cooperative zombie FPS that the production team of the Left 4 Dead series will be newly given. The story is unfolded in a catastrophic world that most humanity is killed or infected with a murderer parasite “Devilworm”.

A specialist called “cleaner”, which has overcome a cruel experience in this world, is gathered to regain the world from zombie “Ridung” that causes the threat of parasite infections, for humanity that is stood at the edge of the destruction. increase.

“Back 4 Blood” is characterized by a customizable action that is rich in changing changes that you want to play many times as much as you can enjoy the dynamic gameplay in thrilling. increase.

Product Summary

Product Name: Back 4 BLOOD (Back For Bad)
Supported models: PlayStation (R) 5 / PlayStation (R) 4 / Xbox series X | S / Xbox ONE / PC (Steam / Epic Games Store)
Release date: Normal version: on sale (Oct. 12, 202 (Tuesday) Released)
Deluxe Edition: Release (October 8, 2021 (Fri) Released)
Ultimate Edition: Launched (October 8, 2021 (Fri))
Price: Normal version: 7,800 yen (tax included 8,580 yen)
Deluxe Edition: 10,500 yen (tax included 11,550 yen)
Ultimate Edition: 11,300 yen (tax included 12,430 yen)
※ Digital version the same amount
※ “Ultimate Edition” and Xbox Series X | S / Xbox ONE / PC version only for digital versions
Genre: Cooperative Zombie FPS
Number of players: 1 person (Online only / up to 8 people at the online match)
Released: WB Games
CERO notation: Z classification (only 18 years old or older)
Copyright notice:
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Throughout The World. Published by WB Games Inc.
Official site: https://www.back4blood.com/en-JP

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