Report: Metroid trilogy premium: Super Metroid remakes could be bound by a Nintendo switch

A new experience on Samus Aran could well be transmitted to Nintendo Switch sooner than expected.

A new rumor suggests that, in parallel with the development in progress Metroid premium 4, _ _We will not see one, but _Deux remastered Metroid the games present themselves in a new day at the system during the next two exercises._

The report comes from User from Twitter LeakyPandy, which reported correctly on the rumor in the past. The first two games we are talking about is the one who made him talk about him for a moment – a Remake HD of the classic Metroid Prime Trilogy. The trilogy would be a good choice for the system, since it has become the most sought-after The Titles for the Wii.

But the second is a little more interesting. It is suggested that a game called remake Super Metroid could come to the system, which “imitates metroid: _samus makes its return in style and scope,” according to LeakyPandy.

These are in no way officials, and Nintendo did not say a word about them, so take this story with a grain of salt.

However, since we will wait at least 2021 (or maybe even later) for metroid premium 4 on the surface, have something fresh from the metroid the safe safe would do not hurt

Nintendo Is Going BIG With Metroid...

Nintendo POURRAIT A great listing in store next month at The Game Awards. Keep in mind that Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 came out of the left field at this time last year. So we never know.

In the meantime, if you need a hotfix Samus on SNES, subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online and enjoy Metroid and Super Metroid. It will prepare you for all that will follow.