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Com2us Holdings Dragon Blaze, Large Update

Com2us Holdings (CEO) announced on the 7th that it will conduct a large update of Global Hitting ‘Dragon Blazes’.

Dragon Blaze 6.0 Update
In this update, the Second Impact Heroes ‘Odin’ and ‘Astria’ are the first. Odin is a king of the empire that refers to the Titan forces that can not be caught. He attacks one person with a small attack with a powerful tanker position.

Astraia is the first community that played a big role in construction of the Titan Empire as the lover of Odin. Dealer positions attack randomly when attacking in general attacks and increases the enemy magical damage. If you secure two new heroes that are new, they are expected to help strengthen the team’s attack and defensive power. First Impact Heroes ‘Miyu MK5’ and ‘Isis’, ‘Momo’, and ‘Charlotte’ heroes collection are also added, and it is possible to show off your beautiful appearance as well as more powerful abilities.

The contents that give a lover compensation are also newly opened. If you conquer the ‘Adventure Dungeon’ in the love and adventure of heroes, you can acquire the ‘memory of the goddess’ and the ‘Heroic Strength’. ‘El Dorado’ is a place where you can feel the fun of fierce battle.

If you occupy and mined the mine, you can get the ‘ingredient of the transcendence’, ‘memory of the goddess’ and ‘Ruby’ and the like. In addition, the new World Boss Inn ‘Nemesis’, we offer a tense combat experience and rich reward that could not be seen beforehand. As well as existing users, new and return users have improved their UI in the game so that they can easily and conveniently enjoy the game, I added a strategy’s cheaper.

Rich compensation and events also stimulate users of users. By the 5th of the next month, it is a large-scale update special gift to ‘Ruby 100 million and’ Premium 9 Summon Suites’. New and return users who connect to the same period game, ‘Ruby 200,000’ and ‘Heroes’ Summon Suites ‘,’ 10 ‘, First Impact Hero +1 Strength 5’. The event content ‘fortification’ is held until the 7th of this month.

When you have a total of five steps, a random box is given as a compensation for a “jewel”, a ‘supernatural integer’, and “Ruby”. From the 8th of the month to 14th, the “2x” event will be held, and from the 14th to the third of the next month, the ‘Special Attendance Division’ event is ‘First Impact Heroic Equipment’, You can get a gift.

‘Dragon Blaze’ is a fantasy adventure RPG developed by Flint (representative Kim Young Mo) and Com2us Holdings is served in overseas markets. This game with attractive moving fairy tale illustrations, is based on continuous updates such as new hero and content, and is a mobile game representative global steadyer.