Battlefield 2042: Developers finally go one of the biggest problems

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Also nearly 4 months after the official start, Battlefield 2042 continues to be in the crisis. But now the developers finally want to devote themselves to one of the biggest problems of the shooter.

Dice wants to overcome BF-2042 maps

There is no secret for a long time that Battlefield 2042 arrives in the fans as well as well – this is already reflected in the current number of players on Steam. Recently, the developers also announced that the long-awaited scoreboard update can be a little longer in themselves, which should also be mad at some players.

In an official blog entry, the developers also looked through that one would finally devote themselves to one of the biggest problems of the game: the cards . Many players are dissatisfied with the distribution of the spawn and flag points, which ensures that, especially at the start of a round a felt eternity passes until they finally hit the opponent.

DICE is currently working on, newly distributing these points on some cards to spend the time players spending from point A to point B to shorten something.

Less vehicles, more cover

But that’s not the only problem that is currently being picked from the developers. In the blog entry also mentions that you are aware that the gameplay is too chaotic with 128 players especially in breakthrough mode . The team thinks about whether a maximum of 64 players should compete against each other instead. Also, the reduction of available vehicles is an option that is considered and that is likely to fall in infantryists.

Finally, Dice notes that you have to ensure more coverage and visual interruptions on the cards. Many players complain that most firefights take place over large distances and there are too many free and open surfaces , which are a found eating for snipers. That too should change in the future (Source: Battlefield Blog).

However, a big question remains open: When will the changes come? In the blog, Dice is on the fact that these points can require a lot of work and can not be implemented immediately. You did not call a rough release period. However, it remains to hope that these great criticisms are approached promptly. Otherwise, the downward spiral of players will probably continue to continue.