Red dead redemption 2

Horizon Forbidden West is the only game in which I have fun with a bow

Bows and me: We’re leaving a difficult relationship. I always try to get warm with you and take advantage of your advantages, but then quickly frustrated with thick knears or a sword. The only exception is for me the Horizon series, where I can hardly do without Aloy’s bows, but that does not want. Already in Zero Dawn I was really fun with these weapons, Forbidden West even sets a turn.

Inspectable approach attempts

I can not deny them – my admiration for stealth professionals who have been sent through a game and turning opponents quietly with the bow. If I see that, I think: You could be that. It does not always have to assume with frontal attacks in loud low chaos.

However, I try – for example, in rows like Far Cry – I’ll notice that, every time I quickly realize that the patience lacks for it. As soon as it goes wrong, I’d rather fall straight into the tumult again, even if I make it harder.

And even if someone tells me in Red Dead Redemption 2, I should hunt for perfect skins animals with the bow, I roll with the eyes and wish me, that would also go with the shotgun.

I need the chaos

You may have read between the lines, for which bows stand for me: effort, patience, secretiveness. I look for when I fight, rather after faster action. I want it bangs and often do not feel so uncomfortable in chaotic situations.

In the horizon series I can also have that with aloys bows. I can rush directly into the fight and create myself with huge machines. Especially in temporal, rapid struggles that I love so, the weapons feel really good. The goals is relatively easy and I can fire quickly.

I especially fun in Forbidden West with a combination of elementary and explosive or demolition shots. For example, it is very satisfactory when the green acid collapse is visible to a tank snapper after the shelling with special arrays – and even better, if I follow the blasting stick or demolition precision arrows that the giant cattle decays only in its items.

The fact that I am often close to the machines and use fencing rollers, the battles feel very directly for me, almost like melee.

Samara Summer

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Samara enthuses itself for very different types of games, but is generally rather a melee fan. Our favorite titles include the games of from Software, but also the Red Dead Redemption Series, Ghost of Tsushima or of course Aloys both adventures.

Unbound concern

Incidentally, I’m very glad that I have even thawed myself to the series. At Zero Dawn, I first delighted because I was not sure if I would handle arches due to the lack of exercise with arches, at all with the mechanics. When I started, I thought, maybe you can do most of the melee.

This thought was quickly forgotten while playing because I just came in the sheet gameplay and had fun. Before the release of Forbidden Dawn I was already looking forward to it – and was not disappointed.

My game run has even made sure that I wonder if sheets could not be a nice variety in other games for me and I have wrongly done to them. Elden ring, for example, I would almost began with the Samurai and his longbow, but that can be lifted for a second pass.

What about your relationship with bows and what kind of weapons do you prefer in general? Betrays us in the comments.