Pokemon Karmesin & Purple: fans fear bad for the starters

Game Freak has all surprised to Pokémon Day 2022 and announced the new games of the main series. With karmesin and purple, players are of course placed again prior to choosing a starter. Already among the fans is hotly discussed and especially in terms of developments there are many great concerns.

Pokémon fans fear bad development

To celebrate Pokémon Days 2022, Game Freak publishes a first trailer to the new Pokémon games. These should appear at the end of 2022 and wear the titles Karmesin & Purple . Fans literally burst from anticipation, but also have a great concern: the developments of the starter Pokémon.

Especially at the plant kitten Felori, many fear that the babe developed either to another muscle – or a much to feminine – Pokémon. Either way: Many want the four-legged friend to go suddenly in his last development stage starts to go on two legs. On Reddit, fans push their displeasure with memes:

“What we wish and what we get”

The fear of other combat bipopolisms also transmits itself to the other starters. A reddit user “Lakt” so fun all the last stages of development. Surprise: All three become Fuegro.

Whether Game Freak is heard the wishes of the fans, but we probably learned only in the coming months.

The fire starter causes headaches

Not only the grass kitten is currently being discussed hot. The fire crocodile crocal also ensures hot discussions. So far, there was a popular fan theory in the community that has to do with the Chinese zodiac signs – crocel seems to refute them finally.

Are The Pokemon Fire Starters ACTUALLY Based on the Zodiac? | The Leaderboard

The theory represents, namely, every previous fire starter represents an animal in the star sign. Glumanda has represents the dragon, Flamiau the Tiger, Hopplo the rabbits, and so on. Kroke makes this theory rise in flames, because there are no crocodile or similar animals ** in the zodiac signs.

Cool is the little one but still:

“No, the fire starter should be an animal of Chinese zodiac signs. The circulation is ruined.”

“Haha, funny crocodile.”

_Trailer missed? No problem, here you can watch him: _

Opinion of Nathan Navrotzki

The theory of zodiac signs was not valid from the outset. Already fiurigel was not a rat, as many said, but a hedgehog. And Fynx was not a dog, but a fox. I am grateful crocals alone for that, that’s findings that completely based on coincidences, can now find an end.

My opinion on the other two monsters? The ugly duckling looks like the lost brother of Tick, Trick and Track and the plant starter remains only to hope that Game Freak conjures some cools out of the design. My choice on a starter will fall anyway, if are known to all last stages of development .