Launch of the Fall Guys update, Revealed patch notes

Fall Guys The Mediatonic developer today updated his video game based on color beans with a series of bug fixes in the title. While it is not on par with a full-season update or anything like that, players will probably appreciate that, for example, they will no longer float randomly in heaven once a round begins.

You can check the full patch notes for the new update to fall guys, directly from the source:

  • [PLAYSTATION] Improvements in the instances of faults in PS. We are still monitoring this actively. Players should see considerably reduced instances of console failures.
  • [GamePlay] Players will no longer float to the sky at the beginning of a round.
  • [GAMEPLAY] Players will no longer tutamine in moving conveyor belts.
  • [GamePlay] The conveyor belts will no longer launch the players forward continuously after finishing a round at levels like Lost Temple
  • [GamePlay] Players will be deleted correctly after falling into the Baba at levels such as Jump Showdown and Hex-A-Gone

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It is worth noting that there is still no news about the next versions of Nintendo Switch and Xbox de fall guys that were previously announced. “We know that the news about fall guys in Nintendo Switch and Xbox is very expected”, the developer recently declared. ” We are finalizing the development, and although it is not within this update, it is still coming!

As noted above, the new fall guys update with the above corrections is already active. Fall Guys is currently in the middle of season 6, and the most recent important update finally added the game crossed to the title, among other changes. The video game is currently available for PLAYSTATION 4 and PC, and it was also announced that it would be launched for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. You can check all our previous fall guys coverage right here.

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