Apple announces new event for next week

And so that of nowhere, Apple has just confirmed that next week will be carrying out a new event, where they could finally reveal an updated version of the iPhone SE, according to all rumors to date. Specifically, it will be on March 8 ** When we can enjoy this presentation, although at the moment, the exact time has not been revealed.

The news was shared via Twitter by Greg Joswiak, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Apple , along with the phrase “Peek Performance”.

This will be the first event of Apple in this 2022, as we remember, the last presentation that the company had was in October of last year where the third generation of airpods was revealed, as well as the new ones CHIPS M1, and the MacBook Pros of 15 and 16 inches.

As it told you at the beginning of the note, Apple has not yet revealed the exact time of this presentation, but considering that the vast majority of them have been carried out around * 12pm Time from Mexico City * , It is easy to assume that they could reuse this same schedule.

Apple March 8 Event ANNOUNCED!

Editor’s note: What I like about Apple’s events is that they are always very direct and transparent with information. In fact, minutes after the end of the event, it is already possible to find updated prices for all the products advertised directly on the Apple Store in Mexico.