The Mihoyo Group (Genhin Impact) invests in nuclear fusion

In a global global global warming context, energy production (clean) is obviously a major future issue and around the world, many laboratories are now looking for (more or less experimental) methods that will allow Frame the most polluting energies.

In the lot of these clean energies, some believe in the nuclear fusion – at work in Tokamak devices, including the study in the ITER project. The Fusion is opposed to the nuclear (those of the nuclear power plants that are currently known in particular in France) and must make it possible to produce energy using more accessible fuels, by clearing less radioactivity, and more Safe – The merger does not have the risk of packaging of the fission. The process of nuclear fusion is nevertheless still far from being mastered but is the subject of numerous studies around the world.

In this context, China seeks to replace its very polluting coal plants with cleaner energies and the Chinese group Energy Singularity makes the bet of articulated nuclear fusion mini-reactors around Tokamak devices. And today, the Chinese group announces lifting 400 million yuan (in the order of 57 million euros) especially with the Mihoyo group, that online players know for having signed peoplehin impact or soon Honkai Star Rail .

Can This $22 Billion Megaproject Make Nuclear Fusion Power A Reality?
But where is the interest of Mihoyo in investing in nuclear reactors? The Chinese developer mantra claims that “technophilic Otakus save the world” and obviously, the studio takes its mission at the foot of the letter: Mihoyo’s actions must contribute to “saving the world” and for example to produce energy own. The future will say if the nuclear fusion is a viable track but by then, we will remember that each passage in the Genshin Impact shop may be a little contributing to making the manufacture of a functional fusion reactor.