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All Transport Machines in Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West is now available for PS4 / PS5 and includes a range of machines separated by classes. Each class of machines in Forbidden West has certain capabilities depending on the role they perform, and their usefulness in the ecosystem.

Transport class machines are designed to transport resources over long distances. That Shell Walker from Zero dawn is a bright example of TRANSPORT class machines in Horizon Forbidden West. Transport class machines help collect machines to move a large amount of materials for the terravertation of the Earth. The following list lists five transport class machines with which the players will face Horizon Forbidden West:

  • Hippo
  • Fire Fur
  • Freeze Bellaubek
  • Shell Walker
  • Rollerbek

Four such cars were attended by Zero Dawn. RollerBack is a new transport class machine with which Elo will encounter Horizon Forbidden West. The vehicle vehicles are known for their durable shell and aggressive attacks. Do not forget to use Focus Elo to highlight all weak points of these machines before hunting them with various weapons.

Horizon Forbidden West - All Types of Machines (Locations & How to Kill Them)
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