All Vista locations in Tortoyk in Lost Ark

Some places in Lost Ark allow the player to admire cities and districts. These are the so-called Vista locations, and they fill different parts of the foliant adventurerist.

Where to find all Vista locations in Tortoyk in Lost Ark

We will go through each area in alphabetical order. Each Vista location should be investigated, which is impossible to do while the character is under attack.

Forest Glitenov – Hand Location Tank Vista

There are several Lian, through which the player should climb the giants in the forest to get between the two upper waypoints. Right over this Location Vista is the grape vine closest to the southern waypoint. You will see it on the edge of the cliff before some kind of foliage, if you go a little south.

Forest Suitwater – Vertical rotating elevator, Location Vista

This place Vista is difficult not to notice. If you arrive in the forest Suitwater from the village of Mochoko, you must climb on the deciduous elevator to get to the bottom of the map. Look for it near the southern elevator. Instead of using the nearest waypoint, we recommend going to the village of Mococo, because it is faster and safer.

Forest Suitwater – Path to Pirate’s Den Vista Location

Vista Location can be found in the northern forest of Suitwater. To go through this dungeon, you will need to go down the cable car to the pirates lair, but before entering, go to the west. Orange mushroom hats will appear on the edges of the card, and Vista Location will appear over the caps.

Seaswept Forest – Giant Cashew Cashew Vista Location

You will see a big tree before reaching the village of Mochoko from the sea forest. Located a little east of the entrance to the village of Mococo, Vista Location is on the right side of the tree base.

All Tortoyk Vista Lost Ark Locations

Seaswept Forest – Forest Cashew, Location Vista

You can find this Vista location on the eastern side of the SESWEPT forest. There are two ways for which you can go from your ship to the woods wet. Take the one that further east. In the end, you will meet several palm trees, giving shadow in the middle of the way. Look for Vista location in the shade of trees leaves.

Increased steppe – entrance to the grave of the guard, the location of the vista.

Skyreach Steppe has several paths and locations. You will need to cross the green branch south of the grave of the guard and north of the Pirate post on the western side of the card. Here is Vista Location.

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